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18 February 2007 @ 11:18 pm

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Please note that some of these communities might be dead (i've added notes here and there), some might be more popular than others and some may be downright awful. All this list is for is to show you them and let you decide for yourself because sometimes typing "Robin Hood" into an LJ interest search gives you completely random results. So pick out what seems interesting to you from the list and judge for yourself whether or not to join - a hint is to look at the calendars/archive of each community and see how often anything is posted, another is to go to the userinfo page and see how many members the community has.

robinhoodbbc <- main community where most of the action is.
robinhoodbbc_us <- for American fans *spoiler free until 7 days after the episode airs on BBC America*
robinhood_spain <- fan community in Spanish
rh_press <- must have this on your flist because has all the fandom news in a v handy bi-weekly newsletter!!
rh_scripts <- its exactly as it says in the title.
robinhoodvids <- title says it all.
ihasahoodie <- Robin Hood Macros - my favourite of all the RH LJ comms for it be teh luv.
robinhood_meta <- rounds up episode discussions in some spiffy quotes.
secretsheriff <- secret santa LJ fandom style. the signup date is over but should be fun to watch (read: fun to enjoy everyone else's gifts).
sherwoodmix <- fanmix community
rh_lost_scenes <- lost scenes and alternate endings - has fics and graphics

robinhoodart <- for all the RH art thats not icons.
robinhoodicons <- exactly what it says in the title, but you'll get all sorts of graphics and stuff in there.
robinhood_icons <- not to be confused with the above community as this is ICON CHALLENGES (i.e. an icontest).
robin_icontest <- more icontests.
robinhood_moods <- moodthemes (dead community as far as i can see).
rh_awards <- icon awards.
robinhoodstills <- stillness challenge.

richard_stills <- Richard Armitage (Sir Guy) icon challenge.
bowmaskstills <- Robin/Marian stillness icons

robinhoodfic <- all genres of fic there.
robinhoodslash <- slash fiction only plz, no het allowed :D
robinhoodbbc100 <- drabble fic challenges.
robinhoodficreq <- request a fic thats not written yet.
rh_ficfinders <- request a fic that's written but you can't remember name/author.
rh_archive <- *this comm appears to be unmaintained* fanfiction archive (apparantly easily searchable, not checked it out yet!)
robinhood_lims <- AU fics with crossovers into other TV shows/movies/fandoms

all livejournal fanfic from Oct. 2006-present is now indexed and linked at http://delicious.com/robinhoodFICLJ

willdjaqfic <- for Will/Djaq fiction, completely dead community though.
saythewordsthen <- Robin/Marian ficathons

bbc_robinmarian <- Robin/Marian shippers.
allan_djaq_will <- OT3 community.
guyxmarian <- Guy/Marian fans.
will_allan <- Will/Allan lovers.
team_leather <- Guy/Marian/Allan shippers.
djaq_will / will_djaq / willanddjaq <- three for the same ship, the first one seems most active.

jonas_armstrong <- if Jonas/Robin is your poison.
jonasarmstrong <- he gets two cuz he's so pretty.
harrylloydfans <- fans of Harry/Will be here.
joearmstrongluv <- fans of Joe/Allan live here.
lovin_much <- the the Much/Sam lovers amongst us.
lucygriffithslj <- Lucy/Marian fans live here.
armitage_daily <- Sir Guy lovers.
ra_addicts <- More Sir Guy lovers but in German this time.
treatmuchright <- Damn you Robin etc!!! treat him good dammit!!
carterplease <- dedicated to the short lived but much loved Carter Of Blond Sexiness

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18 February 2007 @ 10:34 pm
Do you have a community that you want on the list that isn't on the list? tell me here and if you're a community mod, once i've listed you you can take a pretty button for your community userinfo from here :D

31st August 07 - comments cleared - list is up to date; keep em coming folks!!
18th March 08 - comments cleared - list up to date; more plz!!
18 February 2007 @ 10:28 pm
To help out place suggestions here for ways to run the community or something you think i could do - the title IS "fandom guide" so whatever you think we could do with this com in the future do tell :D